Cupoli Style A10330 Carved HDU Law Office Sign

  • There are quite a few unique design elements present in this law office sign (click the Specs tab for more details). The attractive red color is the most obvious, but also notice Mr. Cupoli's name. It's recessed into a solid black area, making it the focal point of his sign.

    The Scales of Justice are present, as they are on several other plaques, but here they are carved as a raised surface, just like the lettering. Overall, this sign makes a colorful, attractive, professional impression.

    FREE ground shipping to all contiguous US states. Includes standard hardware for mounting.

    Fully Customizable: Order your own version of this design by selecting a size below (price will change above) and customizing your inscription. We'll send a proof for your approval before putting it in production.
  • Specs for plaque as pictured:

    Style #: A10122
    Plaque Type: CNC Machine Carved
    Material: Precision Board Plus High-Density-Urethane (HDU) from Coastal Enterprises
    Material Density: 20 lb. / cubic foot
    Size as Pictured: 41" x 22 (horiz. width x vert. height)
    Thickness: 1.5" in raised areas
    Border Style: Double Line, raised, gold/black
    Back of Plaque: Flat (solid HDU)
    Raised Surfaces: Black, gold
    Recessed Surfaces: Custom, but close to Fire Red
    Texture in Recessed Area: Sandstone (Sand Blasted)
    Where it can be Mounted: Indoor or Outdoor
    Unique Features: Shape, recessed name,
    double-line border, 3-colors,
    eyebolts for hanging mount.
    Click here for more product details
    (including how these plaques are made, turnaround times, etc.)
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Category: HDU

Type: CNC Carved

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