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I noticed a new order this morning from a long-time customer. I also noticed they had placed their very first order with us in September of 1984, then placed additional orders every 1-2 years afterward. It's hard to believe we've been their choice for professional signage for well over 30 years.

Earlier that same year, 1984, was the beginning of our existence as a company. This was before such modern conveniences as internet websites, e-mail, fax machines, cell phones, digital photos, graphic design apps on computers, etc. We didn't even have a phone number, because I was still in my final semester at Purdue University.

What we did have was some great law office signs, an ad in a legal magazine named Case and Comment, information packets containing individual photos and literature, and a mailing address (which was actually my parent's home, where I built plaques on weekends, in their garage).

It may seem amazing today, but that's all we needed. Law firms nationwide embraced our products, and, like the long-term customer described above, they've been doing so ever since.

I'm not writing this to impress you. This is not about how great we may think we are. Instead, my only goal is to convey this single point:

Any company that has customers steadily returning for 10, 20, or 30+ years has to be doing something right. They have to be providing value to those customers, as well as treating them right every single time they return. Otherwise, the company would have been out of business a long time ago.

You're on this page because you wanted to know more about us. Hopefully, you'll actually remember more about our customers; that they discovered a trusted, reliable source for law office signs, have time-tested both the signs and the company for decades, and continue to return when new signage is needed. Their actions speak louder than anything I could possibly tell you.

We are thankful you stopped by. Please let us know if you have questions or need additional information. We're here to help you make the ultimate first impression.

Bart Baker
Founder and President

“I have great news.
You did such a great job on the
first sign, that we’d like to
order another one using
different dimensions...”

Frank P. Trapani
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sizing Guide for Law Office Signs