100% Money Back Guarantee

Let me get this straight... If I don't like my plaque, which is a custom-made product, I can return it for a full refund?
Yes. This may be virtually unheard-of in the sign industry, but we actually stand behind you 100%. This is not a fancy legal maneuver, there is no "gotcha" in the fine print, we're just making sure you receive exactly what you expect - and that you like it.

When you purchase from LawOfficeSigns.com
you are protected by a true 100% Money Back Guarantee

If your new law office sign isn't everything you need or want it to be, you can ship it back for full credit toward one of our other products, or request a full refund. It's your choice.

That's hard to believe. I can't imagine you going to the expense of delivering my new plaque, then just refunding it. How can you do this?
We're willing to take the loss.

Even though this kind of loss doesn't make sense, from a business perspective?
On the surface, no, it does not make sense to refund something that has no other use. In fact, we can't even find any competitors willing to do it.

However, when it comes to the long-term relationship we want to have with you, to be your trusted, reliable source of law office signage throughout your entire legal career, it makes perfect sense.

We believe your new sign should be everything you expect it to be, to make the right first impression on new clients, and to bring a smile to your face every time you arrive at your office.

The only way we know how to accomplish this, and to be the one company you can turn to year after year, as your firm grows and changes, is to make sure you always receive exactly what you expect - and be willing to take it back if it falls short.

It's that simple. We want to be your trusted partner; one who never lets you down.

What are you doing to ensure I never get in this situation?
When you receive your order, and you carefully open the box to reveal your beautiful new law office sign, it should be nothing less than a "Wow!" moment. You should be impressed by its quality, as well as its stunning appearance, and you should be eager to get it mounted.

This can only happen when we do our part by displaying each product so accurately that the sign you receive will meet or exceed your every expectation. This is how we do it:

Real Signs in Real Photographs. Unless labeled otherwise, every law office sign you see here is real, and it's displayed using real photographs. In other words, we do not use computer renderings to simulate the products you see on these pages, because that would only give you a false impression of how they look. This is extremely important. Seeing products as they actually appear, and including photos taken from different angles whenever possible, provides you with the most accurate indication of how your plaque is going to look when you mount it at your office.

Real customers. This may seem insignificant at first, but it's not. The law office signs you see here were ordered by real customers. They serve as examples of what we've created for your colleagues in the legal community, not just a collection fancy samples to make us look good. We do this so you will have a true picture of our Design Team's real-world skills and capabilities.

Quality Inspections. Your new sign will also go through several inspection steps during the manufacturing and finishing processes, so only the finest quality is delivered to your door. With every plaque having a 100% Money Back Guarantee, we are well aware that it must be right. Otherwise, we're the ones who will be paying the price to make it so.

Our goal in all of this is to be as accurate as possible, so you have the best understanding of our products and capabilities, and the most realistic expectations for your new law office sign. Again, we want you to have nothing less than a "Wow!" moment when opening your order and viewing your sign for the first time.

So, I can expect you to be perfect?
That would be nice, but nobody is perfect, including us. We're human, and we occasionally make a mistake. It's unavoidable. Should it happen, however, you can be sure we will step up and do whatever is necessary to make it right in a timely manner.

What's the catch?
As a legal professional, you're looking for a catch, aren't you? Well, there isn't one, but we do need you to abide by the following:

1 - Take the time to understand the product you're ordering.
If you have questions or need clarification on any details, the time to ask questions is before you approve your design. We'll do everything we can to get answers for you.

2 - Proof - Proof - Proof your Inscription. Backwards, even.
If you want to avoid the most-common mistake others make (and keep our 100% Money Back Guarantee in force), then be extra diligent about proofing every detail of your sign's inscription. This is your sign, and nobody knows the inscription information better than you, so its accuracy is your responsibility. That's why we ask you to approve the artwork. If you give us the go-ahead as it's displayed on the proof and described on your order, then later discover an error of any kind, we won't be able to exchange or refund it under our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We will get you the best price on a replacement, though, because we do want you to have a great sign.

3 - Read Our Company Policies Before Ordering.
The footer at the bottom of this page contains several links to our company policies. Because they do apply to your purchase, and they contain detailed information about everything discussed on this page, be sure to read them thoroughly before ordering.

We're here for you before you purchase. Ask us anything you like, including advice about which design and size is best for your mounting space.

We're here for you after you purchase, standing behind you and your sign 100%.

We'll be here for you in the future, as your firm grows and changes over time.

“We were very happy with
our sign that we ordered...”

Chad Boonswang
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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