Kendrick Style A10122 Carved HDU Law Office Sign

  • From the unique shape, to the seal at the top, to the arched firm name, this sign is unique. It presents necessary information, yet does so in a tasteful way. Notice Linda's name in white, which gives it just enough contrast with the gold colors to make it a focal point.

    FREE ground shipping to all contiguous US states. Includes standard hardware for mounting.

    Fully Customizable: Order your own version of this design by selecting a size below (price will change above) and customizing your inscription. We'll send a proof for your approval before putting it in production.
  • Specs for plaque as pictured:

    Style #: A10122
    Plaque Type: CNC Machine Carved
    Material: Precision Board Plus High-Density-Urethane (HDU) from Coastal Enterprises
    Material Density: 20 lb. / cubic foot
    Size as Pictured: 36" x 30" (horiz. width x vert. height)
    Thickness: 1.5" in raised areas
    Border Style: Single Line
    Back of Plaque: Flat (solid HDU)
    Raised Surfaces: Metallic gold
    Recessed Surfaces: Medium Green
    Texture in Recessed Area: Sandstone (Sand Blasted)
    Where it can be Mounted: Indoor or Outdoor
    Unique Features: Shape, Legal seal at top
    White lettering for Linda's name
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    (including how these plaques are made, turnaround times, etc.)
Size Guide

Category: HDU

Type: CNC Carved

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