What's the Big Deal About Law Office Signs, and Why Should I Even Care?

A lawyer sign that isn't makeing a great first impression.

If you’re expecting a full-blown sales pitch about how a new sign from LawOfficeSigns.com will drive a flood of new clients your way, sending your practice soaring to new heights, you’re wrong. I can't say that, because It won’t, and you and I both know it.

The process is much more involved than simply having a great sign out front. That’s why we wouldn't even think of making such a claim. I will say, however, that a great sign does make a difference. It makes an impression on potential clients, and that’s an important part of a much bigger picture. Here’s why.

The decision-making process we all use isn’t as simple as we think it is, especially when those decisions involve other people. We may think we’re making them based on the facts presented, that it’s all logical and straightforward, but it isn’t. Far from it.

For example, if we had to decide between two professionals, whether they be accountants, lawyers, or any others, the process may initially seem fairly clear-cut. We're going to check their credentials and accomplishments, then select the most-qualified of the two.

If only it was that easy. Actually, we're going to be influenced by a vast number of other factors; some we don't even realize on a conscious level.

After doing some online searching, we may check their websites, their photos, the location of their offices, and maybe even read some reviews. The basis of our opinions are already beginning to form.

We may decide to meet with each of them for an initial consultation. Upon arrival, we'll notice the types of cars in their parking lot, how modern their building is, the signage directing us to their office, the general décor in the reception area, etc. Our subconscious minds soak everything in as we go through this process.

Finally, we come to their staff... If those staff members are too busy to give us the time of day, it may irritate us. If they treat us as an inconvenience, or were short with us when answering questions, we’ll notice. If they were genuinely glad we came, and it showed in their smiles and actions, we'll remember how pleasant they made our experience.

For most of us, these details matter. They either influence us positively or negatively, and they all take place before we ever meet the professional we came to see.

Don’t get me wrong, the face to face meeting far outweighs everything leading up to it. It isn’t the single-most determining factor, though.

Here's another way to look at it: We will have second thoughts about any professional who impresses us face to face, yet has a shabby office in a run-down building in a bad part of town – especially if they allow their staff to be rude to clients. Likewise, we would never consider hiring anyone who impresses us with everything leading up to a meeting, then fails miserably in person.

Like it or not, this is the harsh reality of how we all make decisions. If any part of the equation is less than it should be, or your potential clients just have a “feeling” something isn’t right, you will not be their first choice.

So, as much as I would like to tell you that your selection of law office signage is going to make or break your entire legal career, it isn't. It can't. Not all by itself, anyway.

It will be one of the all-important contributing factors, though, and this is why it’s such a big deal. This is why you should care.

We're here to make sure you get the right law office sign for your practice, properly sized and proportioned for your mounting space, so you will make the ultimate first impression.

Bart Baker
Bart Baker


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